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[RUNUO] Lady Luck 2020-04-13

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This is a script i butchered from DATT99's OWTLR. originally part of the token system there, i wanted a simple lottery system for my solo server. This script works with RUNUO, so some minor changes may be required for servUO.

how it works:

place lady luck somewhere
players can buy lottery tickets from the lady luck
the lottery will draw every 168 hours (7 days) as configured in the script.

Note: no winners guaranteed. The prize is set at random between 5000 and 1000000. the probability of winning is a function of the prize amount. So if the prize is 500,000, you might have 1 in 480 chance of winning. if the prize is 10,000, you might have 1 in 8 chance of winning.

there is also a [lottery command anyone can use to see when the next draw is.

when the draw happens, drop tickets on lady luck.

super simple.

** edit: changed due to bug where cheques in the bank didn't go down and sale of ticket still went through.. gold can also now be taken from player's backpack. note that the players need to have gold in their bank, not cheques.
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