1. CryptoCrow

    Hiring Paid Project Manager, Artists and Others.

    Greetings, I was playing UO back when it was new and have had a place in my heart for UO ever since. Like a first love you never forget. I have wanted to create my own version of UO for the past decade and I'm now in a position to be able to do that (I think). I want to be very straight up and...
  2. FiftyTifty

    New to UO shard modding, questions about spawns & mechanics

    Hey nerds, ancient account that I never did anything with. But I'm fancying having a go at modding UO, and a lot of the tutorial links have rotted. So I've got a bunch of questions. I'll keep to the basics for this thread though. 1. How do I create Trammel's spawns, and select what is spawned...