1. danielsheep

    Unconfirmed Bug Gargoyle cannot get off ship.

    Please follow the below template when submitting a bug report. Thank you for helping us make better software. If this is a crash report please paste your crash report in the following code tags: This is not about crashes. What were you doing at the time of the crash on your shard: This is not...
  2. Falkor

    Pirate / Merchant ships and their routes

    I checked on the pirate / merchant ships spawned on my server ( [global interface where baseshipcaptain ) and they're all slammed against land (sometimes near but not at a dock) and one is stuck on a plunderbeacon. They don't seem to ever move or change direction. Every few seconds their...
  3. danielsheep

    Fixed OSI, Buying a Ship

    Ships are being sold normally by Shipwright at Seamarket. But if you look at the OSI, you have to sell the NPC of Tokuno Dock on the same list. Attached is the visual and the link. in SHShipwright.cs, The code below...