1. Wilson


    ~ Dynamic φ Spawning φ System ~ About This system is meticulously crafted to streamline the majority of main spawns through a new player spawner, eliminating the need for placing hundreds, if not thousands, of individual spawners. The primary objective is to minimize overhead and seamlessly...
  2. FiftyTifty

    New to UO shard modding, questions about spawns & mechanics

    Hey nerds, ancient account that I never did anything with. But I'm fancying having a go at modding UO, and a lot of the tutorial links have rotted. So I've got a bunch of questions. I'll keep to the basics for this thread though. 1. How do I create Trammel's spawns, and select what is spawned...
  3. Making a Renaissance era shard: viable starting point brainstorm

    I'm sorry in advance if this is going to be a completely noobish question, I'm about to try something bigger than tweaking some lines of code here and there in RunUO/ServUO and I could use some advice in establishing a good starting point... For the sake of learning the in-depth ServUO server...