1. Passion for C#? Passion for Community? Passion for UO? UOAlive is "hiring".

    Does UO make you feel ALIVE? Well why not join the Dev Staff at UOAlive!? We’re “hiring”. UOAlive is a modern, OSI-accurate server focused on providing a fun, relaxed PvE experience with consensual-only PvP. We value community over EVERYTHING else. Check out the player testimonials here...
  2. ImaNewb

    GM Ethereal - Tiger added 1.0

    I was looking for this resource here and could only find one posted in 2014. It was not compatible with RunUO so I updated it to work with the latest RunUO since that's what I run. I did not write this script. Credit goes to snicker7. GMEthereal.cs Version 1.2 [RunUO 2.0] snicker7 Released...
  3. Looking for Testers

    Britannia's End is looking for testers. We need all types of players (melee, magic, crafters, etc.) to put our work through its paces. The NPCs (mostly vendors) and some skills have been customized to fit the shard's lore. You will be given access to the shard, as well as to our bug...
  4. Falkor

    Character Access Level Toggle 2019-07-01

    Not my script but I didn't see it already present here. You shouldn't have to do anything but drop this into your Customs folder and restart. Type [calt to switch from staff to player and back. It will let you see the shard and play as a player would experience it for quick troubleshooting...
  5. Voxpire

    Misc Pandora's Box (Reopened) 5.1.2

    This version supports both MUL and UOP client file formats.
  6. Dexter_Lexia

    Account Info Gump 2.0

    A very easy to use gump that will search accounts based on certain criteria: None - shows all accounts on server Account Name - filters and shows accounts by account name Player Name - filters and shows accounts with matching name Banned - shows all banned accounts IP - shows accounts that...
  7. demented

    Automative Staff 54

    I only ported it over from RunUO Tresdni Completely Automated Staff Team! Needs Testing