Account Info Gump

Account Info Gump 2.0

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A very easy to use gump that will search accounts based on certain criteria:

  • None - shows all accounts on server
    Account Name - filters and shows accounts by account name
    Player Name - filters and shows accounts with matching name
    Banned - shows all banned accounts
    IP - shows accounts that have used a specific IP to login

There are also checks for sounds like/exact name searches, and a check to only show active accounts.

Another feature that may interest shard owners, is when you select an account, you now have the ability to view/edit their account gold/platinum. From what I can tell, this is previously unattainable on stock ServUO servers. Be careful though, editing gold/platinum is a good way to piss players off! You can also select an individual player on that account to view/edit their secure gold amount. This feature is only available if Account Gold is enabled.
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    - Added the ability to adjust account gold/platinum. - Added some additional search filters