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Lottery System Lottery System v1.1

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Plug and Play with current ServUO build
Powerball and Lottery Scrathers. Both come with very descriptive readme files that show you how to edit and configure. As default, they are ready to add and use as is. Some commands to know:

[Add PowerBall - adds the powerball stone. You can only have 1 of these.
[Add PowerBallSatellite - adds a satellite stone that acts as the original powerball stone

[Add ScratcherLotto - adds scratcher stone.
[Add ScratcherLottoSatellite - adds scratcher stone satellite

[Add LottoTicketVendor - adds a vendor for winning ticket turn ins, etc

Some Powerball Features:
- Staff configurable odds
- Gumps show global stats in red. Players will not be able to see these
- Ability for staff to guarantee a jackpot (though defeats the purpose)

- When purchased, you can select quick scratch, or scratch youself
- Same as powerball, gumps show staff only info in red
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Latest Updates

  1. Fixed a crash issue in Powerball

    Very rare occurrence where NextGame was set to DateTime.MinValue.