1. Aschnyder26

    Starting Eqip for Profession Warrior invisible

    Hey all, I have a weird thing happening. Firstly I am running RunUO 2.3. But here's the issue I am having. I have set up custom professions as starting templates. All is fine except when I select the warrior template. He starts naked if a doublet or shirt is generated on him but not if a fancy...
  2. A

    Converting LabelTo() into ascii text crash. t2a style font.

    Hello! I've been working on putting together a t2a package using ServUo Publish 54. It has gone pretty straight forward up until I tried to switch from unicode to ascii for the single-click names and localized messages/clilocs. It works for almost everything except a few stubborn items/scritps...
  3. Jack

    OSI Accurate Bounty System 1.02

    This is an OSI accurate bounty system that was disabled with publish 16, June 2002, which coincided with the removal of stat loss for player killers. It is completely drag drop compatible (tested versions: RunUO 2.2, RunUO 2.5, ServUO current). It is compatible with the account gold system that...