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OSI Accurate Bounty System 1.02

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Compile on .NET Framework 4.0+
This is an OSI accurate bounty system that was disabled with publish 16, June 2002, which coincided with the removal of stat loss for player killers. It is completely drag drop compatible (tested versions: RunUO 2.2, RunUO 2.5, ServUO current). It is compatible with the account gold system that was added to ServUO recently.

When I created my own shard I was astounded that this system did not exist by default, and no-one had ever released it. As a newbie coder it took me a lot of time to work out how to implement this system, even with the help of other repos such as Rebirth and Origins. I have saved you that hassle.

I felt like doing something for the community, so I rewrote the bounty system to be 100% drag-drop compatible. I did my best to test as much as I could, but keep in mind this has not been tested on a live shard.

How it works:
When an innocent player is murdered by a character who is a murderer (or will become a murderer with their next murder count), they will be presented with an option to place a bounty/bounties on their killer(s).


The player will then have a bounty message posted on all "bounty boards" that are placed around the world. Here is a bounty board placed at West Britain Bank, where we can see that EvilMurderer now has a bounty entry:


When the murderer is killed, any player can chop off the head of the murderer and turn it into a local guard in order to get the reward:


How to Setup:
Players will require 2 things in order for the bounty system to work: a BountyBoard (to view bounties) and BountyGuards to turn the head into.

I recommend you go around every bank in Felucca and do the following:
  • Add one or two bounty guards around the bank and put these on a spawner in the case that anyone finds a way to kill them. The class name for them is "BountyGuard". The guards also serve as great decoration as OSI/EA shards have always had guards mulling around the bank.
  • Add a bounty board at each Felucca bank, so players can check up on bounties.
That's all you need to do!

As a staff member you can check on a player's bounty with the command [bountyprops and targeting the player. You may change the bounty amount if you please.

If you are running an old version of RunUO, please check that you are compiling with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

The only issue I found was when compiling with RunUO 2.2, I received an error that the namespace Linq was not found. In order to rectify this, locate your "Assemblies.cfg" file (usually found in \Data), and add the following line:
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