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I Honor Thee - Speech Command 2015-07-08

"I Honor Thee", as per OSI - grants 10 karma to the target.

  1. Jack
    OSI accurate "I honor thee" command. I do not know if this still exists on OSI servers today.


    Granting Karma to Other Players
    • Saying "I honor thee" will bring up a targeting cursor.
    • Targeting another player will remove karma points from you and give some karma points to your target.
    • You will automatically turn to face them and bow.
    • You have to have a positive karma of a certain level to do this.
    Exact values taken from Clilocs and Stratics:
    "Players can pay 50 of their own Karma points in order to grant 10 Karma point to another player."
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  1. Bug fix as per publish 15