1. nerv0us

    Craft System Pre-Aos

    Hello, i add some custom ores, and rename/recolor some of the existing ones, the system is working perfectly. But when i try to craft weapons using colored ores, they are consumed but the weapon is always made of iron (and the resource on properties to). If i chance manually the resource with...
  2. ImaNewb

    Smith Hammer that is a wepon and tool

    Hey all I am sure this is something simple but I noticed that I cant fight with a smith hammer. I know that back in the day you could use a smith hammer as a bashing weapon like a mace. Any Idea how I can make that work? Right now I can EITHER make the hammer a tool or a weapon but I cant figure...
  3. ShtimusMaximus

    Elemental Damage Deeds 2020-12-02

    Use these to make an item that morphs your weapons into 100% elemental damage. Use it as a template for applying weapon props and making items that apply weapon props... Don't forget to provide the credit to... Credit goes to Redsnow because I used his Use Best Skill Deed to create these... He...
  4. Yaron89

    Armor and Weapon Bless Deeds 1.0

    These are based off of the clothing bless deeds that come with RunUO, I am going to look into making item bless deeds later but this is an Armor bless deed and a Weapons bless deed as a quick fix. I'm going to see about making a jewelry bless deed. You will need to replace your base armor and...