xml spawner

  1. Covetous Spawners

    Hi all, need help understanding where the creatures are coming from. I notice all the xml spawners inside Covetous 3rd lvl are off. Yet I still see spawn appearing.
  2. SithLordSky

    RunUO Oldie

    So. I have a question. I'm trying to set up a Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Server for my friend and I. While we've been able to tweak and fix a lot of things, one thing I'm having a huge issue with, is nothing but the Vendor's are spawning. No mobs, no animals, no decor. I remember using...
  3. Cad

    Setting a higher accesslevel on spawning / modifying XMLSpawners

    Hello, Can anyone guide me in the right direction to make spawning and using props on XMLSpawners administrators only? Thanks in advance.
  4. D4rkh0bb1T

    NPC Heal Self - How To?

    I want to create a NPC with player abilities. I think if my NPC is set to AI.Mage they will cast Heal sometime but not sure? ***But I cant get my NPC to heal himself with Bandages, just like a player would do, even with bandages in backpack.*** (Added into spawn entry : SKILL,healing/120/) I...