Shazzy updated 2015 Easter Potted Plants with a new update entry: - Potted Plants, Champagne and glass and Checkered Gift Boxes

Ok, redo on this here is the whole shebang(though I think the checkered gift boxes were out prior to this)
The chanpagne and glass are bubblie, the 2 plants are dyable and the gift boxes are the 3 added onto the bottom of the distro HoidayGiftBox.cs and are PlaidGiftBox 1,2 3.
I included the giftgiving.cs that you do not have to change the date and F+DARN IT I FORGOT A FILE, brb.
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i put this script into my server and i got this error
+ custom/Test/EasterPottedPlants.cs:
    CS0246: Line 16: The type or namespace name 'Tecmo' could not be found (are
you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found.
- Press return to exit, or R to try again.
That is the Tecmo's Giftgiving that puts the active year on gifts. I will post a simple version if you need one, just let me know then it will be plug and play.