Hello ServUO Community!

I am a long time UO player, recently turning to emulators. Very green to the whole experience. I have only toyed around a little with RunUO. Other than that I have found myself here ^_^
Welcome to the community Baelen, your honesty is a good way to start here :)
Any knowledge you learned with runuo should provide you with an easier time getting into servuo. I'd also highly recommend taking on some C# tutorials and if you're feeling good some dot net tutorials. There are plenty of free tutorials for both on the net and you can use what you learn from even the basic tutorials right away with servuo code. On youtube there is a tutorial called 30 days to learn C# it covers all the basics and present them in a way that is understanding and useful. Further book learning of C# I'd recommend O'reily's learning C# 3.0.
I hope you find what you came looking for and good luck!
Thank you both for the welcomes and tips. The only thing I have really done with C# so far is create a couple of items, so I will definitely have to check out some of those tutorials and goof off a bit more. Especially since I am trying to steer away from OSI and trying to make my own world for my shard.
we will help when and where we can welcome to the community Baelen and hank thanks for that tip on the c# stuff its about time i learn how to script as well ;)
Hello Baelen and welcome to Servuo..

If your looking at expaning you knowledge in C# might i suggest C# for dummies this was one of the first books i ever read on c# and i found it gave me a very quick basic understanding of how things work..

Please feel free to ask any questions you will find many of the people here are always willing to help