Ok i got the uop ripper from RunUO.com a couple weeks back and have been messing with the uop files. My question is has anyone been successful with any custom map making and putting it all back into uop format? Also has the art files or the Animation files worked? I am thinking of doing a complete custom job and , well just dont want to get started then have it all change in the middle of it. I did one old map i had before but in some places i keep falling through the ground or bridge and wind up in black areas.
Just for everyone's info here, I have unpacked the uop map files and repacked them and have gotten them to work with 7.30.3. Once we get the updated Servuo I will start using the newest UO files and keep trying the unwraper and let peeps know here. So I kind of answered my own question. The uop ripper works for the uop files.