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I decided to make some changes to the luck system, and I integrated these changes into my server by borrowing them from another server (a freely shared one). I also made some adjustments to fit my own server's settings. However, I am facing an issue: after the changes I made in the "lootpack.cs" file, none of the creatures I kill drop any items with even a single property. They are completely empty items and don't even provide 1 defense point. I hope you can assist me in resolving this issue.


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It isn't possible to tell exactly what changes you've made.
I second that,
but the construct and mutate functions look fine.

I dont think it is because of LootPack.cs

I guess you changed something for the runic reforging
I realized that I need to add some things to the BaseCreature.cs file. However, this caused several errors. The errors are actually not that many; maybe I can resolve them if I know where the "Item" declaration is. But I've been struggling for 2 days, and I can say my brain has stopped working.

The changes I made in BaseCreature.cs are between lines 7479 and 7482 and between lines 7486 and 7702.

The changes I made in LootPack.cs are between lines 587 and 621, between lines 683 and 1103, between lines 1105 and 1192, between lines 1274 and 1300, and between lines 1487 and 1531.

I didn't make any changes to Corpse.cs it looked the same.


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