ServUO Version
Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Client version 7.0.35

Problem : I added a new custom wearable. I am able to see it on my paperdoll and it changes looks based on sex. The animation, however, is not right.

What I have done :
Added male gump to 50400 and female gump to 60400
Added tiledata on ID 19726
Edited tiledata as follow :
  • Anim = 400
  • Wearable true
  • Weapon true
Added the following to Body.def : 400 {469} 0

In game, the bodyvalue 400 (of a male) is now a robe, regardless if I am wearing the custom robe or not. Wearing the custom robe changes the animation robe hue to 0 instead of skin tone.

What am I doing wrong?
Have you edited your:
Example Animation:
400          EQUIPMENT    0
(youll see inside the txt what to do)

 400 -1    -1    400    -1    # Hood
You specify here which anim.mul you've edited.
In my case here I have edited Anim4.mul the others are set to -1

Animation 400, slot 400 in the anim.mul

I hope this makes sense :)
I tried this and still get the problem.
But from your message, I understand that animation slots are linked to bodyvalues, that are linked to gump ID = animation + 50000, is that right?
When going to animation 400 in Fiddler, I see that my human form is overridden with "BaseGraphic = 469". The only place I've done that is in the Body.def. Is it because 400 to 404 are used for human and shouldn't be used for custom wearables? 1678280845063.png

In mobtypes.txt, animations 400 to 404 were already in use :
400 HUMAN 20000
401 HUMAN 20000
402 HUMAN 20000
403 HUMAN 20000

"EQUIPMENT" starts at 404. Maybe that's why... I'll have to test tonight. Thanks for the heads up! I clearly don't quite understand all the links between these files.
OK your probably not going to like what I have to say since you will have to redo almost everything you have done already but. When doing custom wearables and choosing a gump slot never choose a number that has an existing body value already in use your 50400 = bodyvalue 400 is a no no. Look through your mobtypes.txt and look for a higher number that isnt in use. If your using a number that doesnt exisit in the mobtypes.txt add it in using the equipment tag as seen in the file. the rest you did correctly with all the other files its just you cant use a bodyvalue that already is in use.

You will have to move where you put your gump art to the new id of where you picked the new bodyvalue. example lets say the bodyvalue 1235 was open and not being used you would put the gump art in id at 51235 male and 61235 female. and in the tile data you would change the anim tag to 1235 and in the body.def file you would do 1235 {469} 0, then all should work.
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That makes sense! I didn't understand that GUMPID - 50000 = body value.

I'm doing one 100% right before I go and do all the custom wearables so no worries about doing it again. Thanks! I'll test that.

Is there a list for known ID to be usable? I saw that some ID the animations just don't work, but didn't find a comprehensive place where it is documented which ID are free to use or not. I guess you just try it and figure out?
there are some numbers that arent even used in the mobtype.txt like 1974 up to 1999 body vaules that arent in mobtypes that you can just plug in there and use since I think servuo has a limit to 1999 bodyvalue just try 1974 once its a brand new bodyvalue just have to plug it iinto mobtypes.txt at bottom add to body.def and do steps like above if not what you can do is like with some elementals like the ore elementals they are controlled by the body.def file its a dif bodyvalue just a dif hue so in a script i just use the same earth eley bodyvalue and set hue and delete the body value from body.def file and change it to equip in mobtypes and use that one. But that may confuse you abit until you start learning more about how animations and files connections work.
In the old days I would just test out bodyvalues on myself as a admin to see if anything showed up using the [props command changing my bodyvalue and if nothing showed up go to mobtypes.txt see if i could find that number see what is was labeled if was there and change it to what i needed and go from there. trial and error.
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I just wanted to say it works now so thanks for both of you's help.

Have any of you used the MassImport plugin in UOFiddler? I have a few hundred gumps to add and am trying to figure out how to not do that by hand.
I just wanted to say it works now so thanks for both of you's help.

Have any of you used the MassImport plugin in UOFiddler? I have a few hundred gumps to add and am trying to figure out how to not do that by hand.
Just use generate default file option in massimport it will create an example file that you can modify. For gumps it'd be something like this. Where each <gump> element describes one file you need to import.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <gump index="51000" file="C:\Test\gump1.bmp" remove="False" />
  <gump index="51001" file="C:\Test\gump2.bmp" remove="False" />
  <gump index="51002" file="C:\Test\gump3.bmp" remove="False" />