Adding Scroll Of Transcendence to PSKey


Operating System
Widows 10
ServUO Version
ServUO - [] Version 0.5, Build 6349.40628 Land Of Archon
Trying to add the Scroll Of Transcendence to my PSKey. Just figured since the part for the Powerscrolls went like this: (PowerScrollListEntry) and also the part for the Stat Cap Scrolls like this: (StatCapScrollListEntry) that maybe the Scroll Of Transcendence would also be coded similar but... nope. Posting the script... needing some help please.
The section I need help is : entry.Add(new ListEntry(typeof(ScrollofTranscendence),typeof(ScrollofTranscendenceListEntry),"Pinks")); //my addition... um wrong!

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Server;
using Solaris.ItemStore;                            //for connection to resource store data objects
using Server.Engines.BulkOrders;
using Server.Engines.VeteranRewards;

namespace Server.Items
    //item inherited from BaseResourceKey
    public class PSKey : BaseStoreKey, IRewardItem
        private bool m_IsRewardItem;

        public bool IsRewardItem
            get { return m_IsRewardItem; }
            set { m_IsRewardItem = value; InvalidateProperties(); }

        public override int DisplayColumns { get { return 1; } }

        public override List<StoreEntry> EntryStructure
                List<StoreEntry> entry = base.EntryStructure;

                string[] skillnames = Enum.GetNames(typeof(SkillName));

                entry.Add(new ListEntry(typeof(StatCapScroll),typeof(StatCapScrollListEntry),"Stat Scrolls"));
                entry.Add(new ListEntry(typeof(PowerScroll),typeof(PowerScrollListEntry),"Power Scrolls"));
                entry.Add(new ListEntry(typeof(ScrollofTranscendence),typeof(ScrollofTranscendenceListEntry),"Pinks"));  [COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)] //my addition... um wrong![/COLOR]
                return entry;

        public PSKey() : base(0x0)      // hue 1153
            ItemID = 0x9AA7;
            Name = "Ultimate Stat & Power Scroll Book";

        //this loads properties specific to the store, like the gump label, and whether it's a dynamic storage device
        protected override ItemStore GenerateItemStore()
            //load the basic store info
            ItemStore store = base.GenerateItemStore();

            //properties of this storage device
            store.Label = "Stat PS & Pinks Storage";

            store.Dynamic = false;
            store.OfferDeeds = false;
            return store;

        //serial constructor
        public PSKey(Serial serial) : base(serial)

        public override void GetProperties(ObjectPropertyList list)

            if (m_IsRewardItem)
                list.Add(1076217); // 1st Year Veteran Reward


        public override void Serialize(GenericWriter writer)



        public override void Deserialize(GenericReader reader)

            int version = reader.ReadInt();

            m_IsRewardItem = reader.ReadBool();


I forgot to add that the PSKey is from Universal Storage Keys. Does anyone know the correct code for this?