After 10 Years back in UO


Hello, my English isn´t that good. I´m looking for some files and instruction (how to install) new armour/quiver/wings/...
Many thanks.


Hello good morning!
Let's start with where you are currently, do you have an instance of ServUO up and running yet?
If so, are you experiencing and specific errors with scripts?
Let us know so we can better help!


Hello sec_goat,
yes, actually there is a running ServUO on my own System (Windows).
I´m still testing scripting and worldbuilding.

For the start i would like to know, if you know a tool like UO-Inside. In the past i worked only with that one and now it seems that it wont work anymore :/
Also i´m interested in creating a little town with shops/... if you look at the picture, you will know what i´m looking for :) (for example this site:

I lost all my data from my old Shard so i´m looking for new stuff. I know there was also containers with weapons an so on ... :D




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Yeah I am coming back after about 7 years or so myself, and finding many of the old tools do not work any more, the suggested fix is to just use and older client so you're tools will work, I have not tried that locally, I Know for my server I want to be using a newer client for art / content etc.

the images you linked look like custom art work maybe? I know there is a forum here for custom art, even a guy was offering his services to create custom artworks.