An item to summon :)


Hello guys,

Today I was trying to bring back the good old yellow crystals of chaos AKA the Harbinger.

I tried basing the item off the BaseImprisionedCreature but it didnt work.

Is there a way I can make it OnClick > Summon > any mobile I wish.

I do NOT want this to be a controllable creature however.

I'm just looking for advice here. Thank you all in advanced for any support possible.



This should go to support forums i guess

You mean ondoubleclick? or onclick? the code bellow will summon a horse on doubleclick, something like this:

   public override void OnDoubleClick( Mobile from )
Horse ps = new Horse();
//ps.Controlled = false;      /////The mobile is not controlled
//ps.ControlMaster = from;  ////No control master
//ps.IsBonded = true;           ////Not bonded
ps.Location = from.Location;
ps.Map = from.Map;
this.Delete();    //Item gets deleted
Keep in mind it will delete the item after the mobile gets summoned.