Animations from AnimationframeX.uop


Hi, I am trying to work and modify animations of items and monsters. I use 7.0.20 client version. It already have uop files and I am trying to work with animations in files. But I can´t see new animations as gargoyle items and others... I know that I can get them from enhanced client with SuperViewer, but it doesn´t solve my problem because I can´t work with them in my client. From what i know, fiddler and other unpacker can unpack only art, gump, map, sound uop files, but no animationframeX.uop.
Does anyone know how to solve this? How can I work with this animations hidden in Animationframe1, Animationframe2, Animationframe3,...


You must enter Update XML and update the definitions there. It will take longer to update. I also recommend working with a higher version of UO than 7.0.20 for digging animations and gumps. First, you pull the animation from the enhanced version. not only monsters, but also dressable items. But you pull Gumpy out of the classic version. Take, for example, 7.0.50 from which you can pull them out. Gumpy in enhanced are not the same as in classic. therefore, you must use both versions of the UO as the source. I've tested it now and it works for me after updating those definitions. Then, of course, take into account that the frame uop animations are not the same as with the classic UO. They differ in different ways. You'll have a lot of work to do.

Otherwise, see private correspondence on discord.