So, we're just one day into this, but I wanted to share some big progress Voxpire and I made today.

We've developed a VitaNex core module that exports in-game player vendor information to an external database at world save.

Well, I just made some progress as well on a Xenforo module I wrote, that displays this information :)

I am still styling it and about to start on search capabilities, but I just finished pagination for it as well. Pretty cool shit guys!

Input would be appreciated, thanks :)
Very awesome custom idea for your server, a real plus for any player :) Will this also show the location of the vendor or who the vendor belongs to?
I must say your server will be very unique from most other server's!
Just finished display of the item picture, as well as showing the location for the vendor itself. Also a bit more styling :)

More coming, hopefully!
Jaw droppingly impressive mate. Unbound players will love the heck out of that feature, no doubt in my mind.
Just wrote search functionality into it as well.

It doesn't work yet for item properties, but that's not to say that it won't. Well, that was fun. lol.