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Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Picked up some custom quests from a previous shard that someone posted, and I see some monsters a little high in damage (in my opinion), so I was wondering, in your opinions, what would be a good range, or specific number, to make the monsters more balanced and neutral, rather than a "die, die, die" type of monster to the following, and feel free to add anything you might consider.

Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Hits, Damage, DamageType, Resistance, Fame, Karma, VirtualArmor

I guess sitting here this morning thinking, I don't want to make anything too hard for the players where they get bored quick, but then I also don't want to make anything too easy where they will get bored quick, and I don't want to make something that is so unbeatable people run away. Well I suppose close to unbeatable isn't so bad. Let me know. THX.


I’m sure you will get many ideas :) Mobs should go by the armor/weapons on your server. The want to be able to kill a mob but not take an hour, in my opinion :) if enough players on your server , 1 or 2 which need a group is always nice


I'm making an amazon warrior right now to learn a bit how things work. I have them switching weapons for ranged & melee. They self heal but don't always get the heal off. I added the means for them to call for help and any others in the area will switch to the callers combatant. Final tweaks to it right now but I will have them heal the caller if they're under 50%. It's fun watching them go as they drop health a bit but then recover with the help of others. I'll post it once I move on to something else.
I hope to make very dynamic AI once I get things down with the coding.