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Ok in the next couple of weeks I plan to release 3 packages and I wanted to share some details with you guys. Mainly cause I am bored at work.

Shrink System
Nothing special here just my old shrink system rebuilt to exclude massive amounts of my redundant code. However main changes to the system will be that info in the context menu is no more in. Instead I have don't animal lore changes so that you can just animal lore the shrink item to get its stats.

Pet leveling
Complete rebuild to the system. With checks for balance. When tamed the player will have the option to enable leveling for the pet or keep it as tamed. Advantages to leveling is the pet can become stronger than this normal tamed counter part. But not so much that it creates an over balance on the server (this is a matter if opinion) however current system lets the pet that is leveled become 20% stronger than normal tamed counter part. Also leveling pets will be let to breed later on. However once you set it to level your pet will become very weak (even dragons and high end animals) and the player will have to work to level the animal.

Vanity pet system
This is my pride and joy. I spend hours testing it just because I found it fun. Vanity pets will be non combat pets that anyone can obtain. Vanity pets will spawn in the world on longer spawn timers depending on their rarity. Players will have to obtain traps to capture these pets. Once the trap is set on the ground it will have a timer till when it will set off the trap based in your profession in trapping (new virtual skills i am calling professions not based on your skill cap) and real luck determines if you will capture the pet. The pet has to remaining in range of the trap in order to capture it. If the pet wanders off the trap will fire and will fail due to the pets range. After a player captures a pet the Player will get a pet cage in their pack of the animal. They can either use it to add that pet to their collection or sell it. A player can then use a command / object to bring up their pets menu showing a list of all pets they have in their collection. A player can only have one pet out at a time. Each pet has its own ability it uses weather it's productive or non productive. Some abilities include, healing, regen, stealing, scavenging. These are productive abilities. None productive abilities include ones like Mr. Nuts who throws nuts and random players and searches other players for nuts...

Back to to work...

Tell you more later.

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All I can say is "Wow"!! :) Such awesome updates and your release of the Vanity Pets, now this is one rare idea and I know it will be such a huge fun idea for any server!


The scavenging idea is good if you can have these vanity pets gather nearby regs for shards that spawn regs ;)


Very special thanks to tass23 for giving me the idea to do adjustments to the animal lore gump. Here is a sneak peak.
Sneak Peak.png


My advice would be to put everything in one spot. Possibly even just replacing the existing Lore gump with what you're working on. I wouldn't consider it a distro edit, if they are using a context menu to access the info. The only other thing I would add is that when another player wants to "lore" your pet, with the old system they were unable to see any of the leveling info, etc. From a breeding aspect, it might be nice to be able to share that with a potential breeding partner. ;)