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Jun 8, 2016
Hello guys,
what do you think about an optional opt-in (default opt-out) for basic reporting of some parameters like operating system, used .NET Version, processor (number of cores), processor type, memory, avg player count, which password encryption is used, client version, etc. This excludes shard names or any data that can be used to identify the sender.

This data can be used to make future development decisions easier like upgrading to .NET 4.x, dropping support for Windows 2003/XP, OSX, using processor features like Hardware Random Number Generator, SIMD, better support for arm devices, dropping support of MD5 and SHA1, etc.

It would send the data to at startup and/or once a day (enforced on receiver side) with a unique id (guid) generated on hardware ids or once on startup.

The data can be viewed publicly (consolidated) on

I'm thinking of something like this extended by some more servuo specific data:
Additionally there will be information about what data is collected in detail to be fully transparent.

What do you think about this? Wouldn't this make development and choosing the right direction easier?


ServUO Developer
Oct 16, 2014
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This is a pretty cool idea.

I would be down for "opting in" but I would only want it to record and send the basic specs when it first starts up. (daily restarts) Or maybe even an option where we can pick what information we would like to report and what information we would not like to report. Anything regarding accounts or security I would like to opt out of reporting.