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Endless Journey
I'm just getting back into UO and decided to setup a server of my own. Was running through the beginner quests in Haven and found that the Inscription apprentice quest was not working properly. The player can accept the quest, but they do not get the bonus skill gain for being in the shop. I did change some of the settings for the region, but nothing helped. If anyone could give a little guidance on what could be wrong and how to fix the problem it would be greatly appreciated.

I did check the code for the other beginners quests as a reference since they seem to be working properly to see if I could find the problem.

I am currently just using an unmodified version of ServUO.
So the buff is .2 - .5 the only information given is that it has to be in the mage library I remember having problems with this quest myself a handful of times on OSI if you open up your Gump that shows buffs and debuffs somewhere in that general vicinity of that building I don't remember what floor or what exact location it's a very small range that you actually received the buff in
Be completely honest with that one it would be easier to recode the actual quest instead of it looking for a location it could be if quest active true give bonus
I ended up moving the quest location out of the Mage Library to the Haven Library itself. It seems to be working now, will be doing more testing to make sure it continues to work properly.