Best way to add new art for Animals or Monsters? 2D


Deciding if I want to dive into this or not.
But if I do, I would want to be able to add new things into the game.
Probably starting off with some animals or monsters if possible.
So that is where I started.
Followed a video
visual basics
and the latest client - fully patched
And was able to start the server no problem.
So next I looked into what I needed to add an animal or something.
Ended up with

So maybe I'm doing something wrong but here is what I tried.
Ran UoFiddler
Settings (at the bottom)
Frames (tab at the top)
Right clicked on the first frame - export as bmp
Edit BMP with MSPaint and just colored on the bmp and save
Settings (at the bottom again)
Animation Edit
Choose Anim File
H :1 (1)
Right click the first frame numbered 0
Selected my bmp I colored on
(Note: animation looked like it should from UOFiddler with my new colored picture in one of the frames)
Settings (at the bottom again)
Which creates a file - anim.mul
went to my uo client folder
replaced the file anim.mul
started ServUO
logged in
Takes me to my character but the picture gets some lines in it and things on the screen look messed up then you get a debug error

I did the same process as above too and replaced the anim.mul after hitting save, but this time with no changes.
That did not mess up the game.
So it has to be me using that one bmp file that I colored on.

Is that the way to go about this or am I way off?


Never mind
There are two files to replace, not one.
Just did not see the other file in my mess of files in the folder I was working with.
So it did take the changes I made.


You only need to play around with UOFiddler, if you are adding custom animations and stuff to the game. You can create custom mobs/animals using default animations by copying a mobile file, and modifying it as needed.

Edit - I'm an idiot and misread the original. Sorry.