So I realize the release is pretty complicated as far as things go and I figured I'd walk you through what things do, how you could progress, and what some of the scripts that are unfinished are supposed to do. Mindful this thread is aimed at the in-game side of things, if you need help coding/debugging Jase has a thread in the release area and hopefully he & I, or someone else, can help you adapt whatever you need over to ServUO's framework.

Now I assume I can edit a post here? So I'm going to reserve a few posts to aim them at some specific things.
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Setting Up
Assuming the system is installed without errors any Administrator can use the command bluespawn to generate 99.9% of the content in game. You may have to separately add blueben, the mondainsquester in charge of everything, but I can't recall. Use your global command to double check.

A little back end note, it does use a persistence item to manage tracking all the added items for easy removal, this allows you to update the generator and hope in game and run a remove then add command to update everything. It spawns at 0/0/0 in Malas to prevent internal map cleaners form wiping it.

How to Become a Blue Mage
Find out where your GM placed a guy dressed in blue named Ben at and run up to talk to him, he's the placeholder for everything.

If you have less than 50.1 Forensics, which means you can start at 50.0 just fine, Ben will offer a New Haven style quest to train your Forensics up and land a spiffy blessed item.

If you have more than 50.0 he'll offer a series of questions, they are almost word-for-word per Final Fantasy 11's blue mage sign up too. Depending on your answers you'll be offered a go-fetch quest that'll have you running through Ilshenar. And if you don't like the one offered, you can just try answering differently. :)

I'm forgetful on the exact locations I used, flame is near the Chaos moongate, Sky is in the angel place through the spider cave, either Stone or Gale is in the acid cave area somewhere, and one of them appears as a fishing pole on the dock north of Doom was is the easiest to get. The item is invisible to everyone but Staff and the quester and it automatically pops into your pack if you get near it. Return to blue ben and you can complete your sign up with a final confirmation.

Why did you take away my Skills!?
So one of the big things about blue magic expansion is that it was designed around a 700.0 skill limit with class-archtype play and back in the haydays FSATS was ran on every single shard and was the single most broken system out there. Not kidding, there are ways to exploit the system for 100+ resistances and through leveling HellCats had the same above cap stats as a dragon, including the hp-scaled breath weapon, except they used one pet slot and had a +250% instinct bonus to melee damage for a full set. Rather than allowing everything to stack, I went the other way. And if you're not doing this on your shard that runs FSATS, well spoiler alert. ;)

Now the system only adjusts your actual skill value. It's possible to take Magery to 50.0 and use the Tokuno arty for +15, the Crystaline Ring for +20, and w/e else to take your Magery to cap. This increases the value of skill granting items and makes you think a little more about the kind of equipment you'll want to wear later on.

The Spells
There are 25 spells to learn. Most of them are learned by getting hit with them after becoming a blue mage or by inspecting the corpse of a creature capable of using blue magic by using the bm command: "[bm study"

You can cast these spells either by simply using the bm command without any additional augments which will generate a gump listing all the spells you know along with both an information button and a button to cast the spell or you can type or macro it directly by using the name of the spell without spaces (or even its indexing number). IE. "[bm dragonforce"

* Angel's Snack: this spell consumes a refresh, lesser cure, and lesser heal potion to pass those effects and some curse removal to everyone in your party. Unlike most spells, you can only learn this spell from eating a specially dropped item form the holy angels at the end of the snowy mountain path.
* Auto Life: Buff type effect that automatically casts resurrection on the target when they die except I used my own gump which allows you ro run around with it open in order to get somewhere safe.
* Bad Breath: generates a cone that attempts to apply several debuffs on everyone within it, the range and effectiveness is based on your forensics skill.
* Blow Up: I just had to add it, you blow your self up dealing twice your HP in damage to an area around you. Funny, fun, and potentially that one spell you need against your GM's one-hit auto-kill boss they added to many 0s to.
* Demi: halves the HP of the target but capped at 100hp loss. It's not damage and you won't get looting rights for it but you will flag for threat. Doesn't work on Peerless or Champions.
* Dragon Force: A rather interesting spell, you trade your caster skills for melee skills. Useful for a pure caster to set up using the special moves. It's effects stack and when fully buffed the spell becomes a target-based effect so you can shoot "dragon's breath" at enemies.
* Fifty Needles: One of my favorites, shoots up to 25 needles at your opponent and each one deals 1 damage. Yeah I know it's not fifty but it's still cool.
* Flame Thrower: The powerhouse of all the spells offered. It creates a line 3 tiles wide full of flaming death. It's greatest advantage is the number of fire debuffs in the game that allow it to deal up to 100+ damage against your primary targets.
* Frog Drop: It's a complicated spell scaled by having certain items in your backpack. The more you have the longer, more damaging, and more varied the frog colors will be. It's an area damage-over-time effect that's nice for setting things up. Unlike most spells this one can only be learned from a quest (see finding qunia).
* Guard Off: a resistance debuffer. See also flame thrower.
* Level4Holy: Deals energy damage based on the total skill points your target has and how close to being devisiable by 4 it is.
* Magic Hammer: It's pretty much demi but for mana. Monsters seem to generate it too fast but it may be applicable in PvP.
* Matra Magic: Trades your HP for mana and is a serious buff to use among caster teammates or even your self since you can easily recover HP from a couple spells, bandage, or potions.
* Mighty Guard: buffs your resistance values.
* Mind Blast: a caster-counter, it deals more the necromageish your target is and also debuffs their intelligence value which means less maximum mana.
* Night: mass paralyze except it also hits you. Causes you to snore while paralyzed and should send the packet to darken your screen for a bit.
* Shadow Flare: a mass area damager pure and simple.
* Shield: probably doesn't work in the version you have. Reduces damage taken by partially depleting your mana.
* Stare: Attempts to invoke a creature's target on any valid target near them. It can mean you ebolting an ally or your heal spell hitting your self instead of your almost dead ally. It's fun for the whole family.
* Switch: one of my favorite greifing spells, you trade places with your target so just imagine the shenanigans you could do with this in Fellucca.
* Traveler: A none working spell intended to teleport you to nearly any valid location using the in-game maps. Finally, the ultimate go command for everyone.
* Trine: lays some symbol that explode if someone walks over them. Useful for instant traps.
* Vanish: It's like invisibility but better! You're randomly shunted up to two tiles away and granted a number of stealth steps to walk even further away. Useful to dodging people that have detect hidden or can cast reveal.
* White Wind: the main healing spell of blue magic. It's mass based and scaled by your current HP, you *can* hang back and play healer with this spell, the buffs, and angel's snack.

The Moves
There are 5 moves available to use as well. They all require wrestling and you cannot be armed.

* Drain Touch: Each hit creates a stacking penalty that imposes a -1.0 loss to every skill. Yes, a bunch of guys can deck a creature from grandmaster to 0.0 with this thing.
* Goblin Punch: Pretty much wrestling + random damage.
* Limit Glove: gain a bonus to damage based on how low your HP is.
* Poison Claw: poisons your punched opponent. It's capable of inflicting one grade higher than the standard magery spell if your forensics & magic resist's total is 225+.
Thrust Kick: kicks your opponent so hard they slide away from you. Get creative with this thing, use it to slam them across a Trine mine or by some time to heal your self.

The Quests
Once you're a blue mage Ben randomly generates a quest each time you talk to him. Three of them are slayer quests which grant blue mage clothing and their upgrades.

Blue Clothing can also be bought for 100,000 gold from Ben if your a blue mage. It's blessed and grants a +5% bonus in all resistances. The first teir quest randomly grants you an item but you can drag and drop any blue clothing onto Ben to trade. Sadly the release posted does not offer the same thing on the upgrade deeds.

The deeds generate randomly as a 1st tier and 2nd tier upgrade allowing you to buff each piece of clothing twice. You can freely mix and match but choosing matching named will grant an additional bonus. Here's the table.
Insightful: Hit +12%, Defend +12%, Nightsight. Double; HCI +25%, DCI +25%.
Hasted: +1 FCR, +10% Melee Speed. Double; +2 FCR, +1 FC, +20% Speed.
Arcanic: +5% SDI, +10% LRC, & +5 Mage/Necro. Double; +10% SDI, +20% LRC, +10 Mage/Necro.
Skillful: 7 Tactics & Wrestling. Double; +15 Tactics/Wrestling.
Mighty: +10 Str & +15 HP. Double; +20 Str, +30 HP.
Nimble: +10 Dex & +15 Stamina. Double; +20 Dex, +30 Stam.
Intelligent: +10 Int & +15 Mana. Double; +20 Int, +30 Mana.
Regenerative: Regen All +3. Double; Regen All +7.
Resistive: Resist All +5 (total +10). Double; Resist All +15 (total +20).
Efficient (necklace only): Lower Mana Cost 15%. Double; Lower Mana Cost 30%.

The necklace is intended to be dropped in a later quest and all blue clothing can be dyed using a special gump that offers many of the BOD hues (24 in all) and such so you're "blue" mage could very will run around calling them selves the pink despair. Obviously a full set of fully upgraded items would be pretty powerful but before you get your nerf bat out remember they had to kill seven Shadow Wyrms, seven Beholders, seven Ancient Lichs, and seven Balrons for each second level upgrade or 252 kills in all, and that's not even counting the first level deed.

There is also a Finding Qunia quest. The teleporter is located in the city in Ilshenar with Dragoons in it. Qunia offers a couple rare drops including Forks which are the only weapon you can use the blue moves with and a special blessed bag that can be used, and only used, to hold the items for the frog drop spell. And finally he can drop an upgrade deed to improve one of his dropped forks.
* Needle Fork: special built in slayer vs the same creature types as the slayer quests.
* Silver Fork: pretty much as the name suggests, silver slayer.
* Bistro Fork: debuffs your target's fire resistance (hello flamethrower!)
* Gastro Fork: It's swing animation changes on each swing and literally some swings are faster than others and others deal more damage. Who doesn't like a dose of crazy with their weapons?

The Dungeons
The system also adds a new dungeon located on Ilshenar in the mountains. Teh first level of the cave is full of goblins while the second is full of dangerous, and super powerful, ore elementals based on the design of when I first created the mobile abilities. It's a fancy way of saying the "poison gas" attack will literally poison you. You can also learn mighty guard from some nearly invincible crabs, I hope you brought your armor ignoring moves. The third level has a fairy you can escort out to learn Auto-Life and the last level has no escape at this time but is currently the only place a Beholder spawns and thus is also the only place you can learn the Stare spell.
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All you needed to know about Monks
The monks were the first guild-based addon to the system. Unlike blue mage which reduces skills, these things are limited by the NPC guild you join as any character can only join one NPC guild at a time. The monk represents the warrior's guild.


There are four mondainquesters meant to be placed in Tokuno by a GM, each one offers a study type quest similar to the distro Solen quest. You can rechive the quests after joining the warrior's guild, which does not affect the player's guild you're in, from any warrior guildmaster vendor. If your GMs have not spawned them in game for you, try hitting him up for some freebies claiming to be a balance tester ;)

The Gloves
The entire "system" in ran through equip able gloves. They simultaneously use your primary hand, off hand, and glove slots when used. They start at level 1 and can be upgraded through quests up to the 5th level, each upgrade affects the base damage they deal, scaled properties, bonus damage, and open new options to use (see below)

On single click you can choose one of four elements form the context menu. Air is speed, fire is power, earth is defense, and water is casterish. The bonuses scale based on the level of the gloves allowing for bigger and better bonuses as a reward for persistence.

When double clicked a menu will open up allowing you to pick a special set of combat moves. Each one is basically bonus elemental damage but the system tracks up to the last three strike you used to set up a one-two-three-BOOM combo.

At the second level of the gloves you can additionally choose light or dark type strikes, ie Yin & Yang and at the 3rd level you can use meditation, more on that below.

After three strikes you can perform a finisher which will appear for any valid combo. Valid combos are basically three matching strikes or element + yin or yang + element per Dungeons & Dragons Online. Most of them are pretty straight foreward, pure element and dark combos typically debuff a property from your opponent and light based ones offer bonuses to everyone in your party allowing you to chain light finisher after light finisher as a very useful team member.

This ability wipes your mana out and begins to replenish your hp and mana at a rapid rate. If you fully complete the trance the removed mana is returned to you allowing you to fully benefit from the rapid restoration effectively equating to a time out for quick healing. If you break it early only a portion, if at all, of your initial mana is restore effectively equating to casting healing spells.

The Items
The monk side adds three items intended to be dropped from Mato (see battle quests).

The Dragonscale Chest gives +50hp and counts as white dragonscale armor. Dragonscale armor by the way is intended to receive a special set bonus through the expansion some day (without needed edits). The Jidz Tetka improves bonuses from the stance-effect of the gloves if you're wearing it when you change stances. And the Monk's Belt improves the fire-fire-fire finisher which is a cone of fire damage.
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The Master of Artifice
It's an addon to the tinker's guild so if you're not in that NPC guild you cannot receive any of the bonuses.

Crafting Wands
So I wanted a system to craft the various wands in UO but I took things a step forward and offered the ability to craft Necromancy & Chivalry "wands" too. Unlike most wand systems this requires no edits to base wand and works fine as a drag-and-drop addition.

The necromancy wands appear as staves and since you're supposed to have some combat skills as a necromancer the staffs gain some necromancer themed properties when held by a real necromancer. Chivalry is the same but each "wand" type is a different kind of mace or hammer.

I stole the Golems from Diablo 2
You can also craft one of four golems directly inspired from Diablo 2.
* Clay: reduces damage from basebashing & fists.
* Blood: it's melee attacks can heal the controller.
* Steel: pretty much just wears the item used to craft it.
* Fire: I went fire nuts, hit fireball, hit area fire, fire aura, etc. Lots of fire damage.
In theory the golems cannot be healed by any spell or bandage thanks to reducing all healing amount by -1,000. The artificer can double click them to restore hit points directly.

The Runebow
The mainstay of the artificer choice. You can craft a bow choosing fast, average, or damage which affects it's base stats followed by a special slayer type. Like all my slayers it's based on body type so the "dragon" slayer bow will work on every custom dragon on the shard instead of the distro's only.

The other choice you'll have is the element. When equipped a menu will open with a bar that charges up. For can double click the bow at any time to attempt to fire it, the higher the charge the more damage it deals. It's like a free damaging spell, totally not like Dungeon & Dragon's Runearms at all ;)

There are three items, not really special in any way they just have a high spell damage property (+25%).

The Worshop(?)
I'm not sure if it's included in the posted release but there is a multi-item addon to access the crafting menu. If the item is not in the release, it's only available to staff unless someone changes it to a player level command.
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Is the intended home of the blue magic questers that'll appear on the lake of the dead in Malas. The hollow core spawns currently but it cannot be entered.

The vanishing NPCS
The system attempts to add Final Fantasy NPCs for flavor that appear certain times during certain days of the week and when clicked on open a dialog box. Not only is lore intended to be explained through them but various tips and tricks.

Why is my PC running around half naked?
So it never made it out of alpha testing but when a blue mage logs out there is a chance an NPC of the same name, body, and hair, will appear in Tolaria trying to sell goods. In this manner Tolaria's vendors are directly populated based on your shard's logged out members, more people participating the wider range of goods can be bought form there.

An underwater dungeon is so 90s.
Included is a very old underwater dungeon designed in collaboration with Metallicsomber, who's real name is Bradley. He made the tile sets for UOAR, I expanded on them and build the dungeon then coded the suffocation device. It's mean to be placed on the lower right hand corner of Malas but has to be spawned by hand for now.

Bradley was supposed to work on expanding the fishing & treasure hunting system, remember this is back when Tokuno first came out and High Seas was never heard of. The idea was when you fished for a treasure map you could dive into a randomly generated minidungeon with a chest full of loot. He never really made it base designing some underwater buildings.

Still, not a lot of shards have the stuff to run an underwater dungeon let alone even add a dungeon. So that's something cool to tinker with.
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Assassin's Creed
Yet another guild based addon. This one is designed for the Thieves Guild.

It doesn't add much, a full suit that like everything else has it's own upgrade deeds. A couple items do have bonuses, like the sword deals extra damage if the target has full HP or is at 10% HP or less. The belt can stock potions using a separate healing delay and the vest can have knives added to it to be thrown much like the ninjutsu belt can with shurikens.

The quests were the big hang up. I meant to add a bunch of stealth based ones, including slowly alerting guards, to fill some of the empty houses in Trammel/Fellucca. The quests were intended to pay out in florians which could be used to buy assassin gear.

Ever since RunUO 2.0 they got into the habit of generating lootable chests around town but it's a pain to track them down. So I designed special maps that automatically pin all the none empty/library chests in each town.

Finally the system allows you to use a few special moves no matter what weapon you're holding. Armor Ignore, Bleed Attack, Mortal Strike and Shadow Strike. In addition you can use a new special move called Assassinate that much like the sword adds a bonus to damage against targets at either full life or at 10% or less.

Overall it's a very nice addition to the thieves guild. Instant tips on where you can steal stuff, more options in move vs weapon type, and maybe some first ever stealth based quests one day.
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The mage's guild can access the portable hole which is a place populated with the common vendors but the item caps are 999 instead of starting low allowing them to easily replenish their basic stock within minutes. Much to the delight of Spellweavers they can also form 3-man spell Focuses solo granting an added benefit to low population shards with aspiring Spellweavers.

The Ranger's guild is intended to have some bonuses keyed off Tracking & Camping.
And the Healer's guild goes D&D Paladin like with it's Holy Avenger powers.
Both of which are not in the posted release, but I guess it lets you know some of the plans that were never finished if you feel like chipping in.

Included in the expansion are a few misc additions like my Omni AI which selects just about everything based on the mobile's current skill. To use the system a couple internal targets have to be changed from private to public in order to properly invoke them.

A change to food was added too, you can replenish hit points by consuming food up until your full. By keeping your self hungry you can access special burst healing with a lengthy cooldown on usage.

I also throw in my demo of how to use account tags from RunUO in the form of a bank storage increasing deed. It requires zero edits and makes a great vet, donation, or even quest reward.

This thing is kind of a big deal, you have to edit the AOS.cs file allowing it to hook into it. The system adds various properties without needing an item allowing many of the blue magic expansion effects to apply weapon/armor/resistance/aos properties as temporary spell buffs. Once installed feel free to make total use of the system.
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Oh, and finally there are the Battle Quests which are intended to be extreme challenges.

But I'm a clever programmer so by extreme I don't mean I added a bunch of zeros to things. Most of them are unfinished or not even made but Markov is. You can open the quest for your entire party once every 3 days provided no one else is currently running it. You'll move to outside a graveyard where it's a race against the clock. A number of bone piles will constantly spawn undead and either by brute force or stealth you need to destroy them before you are over whelmed. Besides the nearly endless legion of undead a couple lesser Doom bosses need to be dealt with. Once the graveyard is clear the porter opens allowing you to challenge Markov.

Markov has a few unique "spells", one animates all none channeled corpses nearby into new undead minions. Someone with Spirit Speak to prevent the corpses form being animated is very helpful. He also tosses bones like the Demon Knight form Doom does so keep a knife handle to cut them up before they spawn another creature. Markov can also perform an area leech life effect to replenish his stats based on the number of creatures near him which includes your pets and his undead followers. He also has an area effect that imposes negative levels (-1.0 all skills), the longer the battle goes on the less likely you are to win it unless you learn to time it and run away.

Markov is also anti-pet in nature, receiving a +50% bonus against pets and if at any point he kills a pet his bone armor regenerates. While wearing his armor all damage taken is reduced to 1, fifty needle's rapid fire sequence is the most effective way to break his armor allowing you to completely remove in within two castings instead of waiting 50 attacks. Keep an eye on his messages to know if his armor is broke or restored even if you're unsure of what's alive or dead in the dog pile.

Defeating Markov, as with any other intended battle quest, drops draconic runes which are meant as a guaranteed monetary gain instead of random chances for named loot. You'll be able to turn the runes in for special gear, like the Blood Rage Armor if it's present in the release. The armor, if it's determined to be hit for durability degradation, will launch it's user into a blood rage increasing their strength and damage.

Markov also does have a rare drop, his axe. It uses a special animation and when in the hands of Markov or a Staff member has an reduced swing delay bypassing the once per second rate. It's how per-hit Markov's damage is fairly low (mid 30s) but he's still so deadly. The idea is with less damage per hit you have some time for cross healing instead of single hit death that everyone is so unfairly fond of through the rate of hitting is increased which makes him just as deadly. The item can uniquely be clicked on to enable a power attack option which penalizes Hit Change Increase to provide a Damage Increase bonus.
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