Alright, so after scouring around files for a day, I believe I have located the files that needed changing to allow for new custom items to be added to the house customization gump. I'm mainly dealing with doors and walls here, so let's stick with those two. ;) This will NOT work with the new uop files, sorry....use an older client.
On the server side- Data->Components contains the house customization components in simple text files. I'd suggest if you try to view them to reduce the font size as far as possible so you can kind of see how things line up. When making changes to these files, you can use your tab key to move from one column to the next.
Here is the walls.txt file:
int int int int int int int int int int int int int int int int int int string
Category Style TID South1 South2 South3 Corner East1 East2 East3 Post WindowS AltWindowS WindowE AltWindowE SecondAltWindowS SecondAltWindowE FeatureMask Comment
and a sample entry:
0 0 1060054 10 7 12 6 13 8 11 9 0 14 15 0 0 0 0 Dark Wood Standard Walls
Let me try and breakdown the important things here. I tried adding a new cliloc for a new category and it didn't work, so I'm not sure on that one. As it stands I just added the new walls to two existing categories to make things easier.
Category is a predetermined number from 0-??, but they don't skip any numbers. So if you wanted to add a new category, it would be 43, since 0-42 already exist.
Style is a simple count of the entries for that category starting with 0, just increase by 1 for each wall. I would recommend starting a new category if you reach 9 entries in one though.
TID is the cliloc number, in this case: 1060054
Now we break out into the actual graphics for each wall piece.
TID is the tileID that will be the sample wall piece for that category, in this case 10.
The next 3 numbers correspond to the SOUTH alignment of the wall. If there are 3 different wall styles for south, use the proper itemID for each. IF you only have one style, enter 0 for South2 and South3.
South1 is 10
South2 is 7
South3 is 12
Next is the CORNER piece and the corresponding itemID for that, in this case 6 (think southeast corner of the house, the piece that makes a V.)
Now we have the actual EAST facing pieces:
East1 is 13
East2 is 8
East3 is 11
Then we have the POST and the corresponding itemID for that, which is 9. (think northwest corner of the house, the piece that is simply a post in most cases)
Then we have 6 entries which allow for ALTERNATIVE wall styles, usually for windows.
WindowS is 0
AltWindowS is 14
WindowE is 15
AltWindowE is 0
SecondAltWindowS is 0
SecondAltWindowE is 0
The last number is the Feature Mask, which relates to which expansion or whatnot EA/Mystic decided to tie it in with. You'll notice all the Gargoyle entries are 65536. It seems a Feature Mask of 0 means it's part of the original release.
FeatureMask is 0
The very last column is the Comment. This has nothing to do with anything, other than being a reference when looking at the txt file.
Comment is Dark Wood Standard Walls
NOTE: Doors have similar columns, except there is no entry for a cliloc as well. Strange that doors do not have this entry too...
These text files ALSO exist on the client side, so be sure to copy the changed text files from your server to the custom client, as well as the changed .mul files
Okay so moving on...
I added all the new graphics and used flags from an existing wall to be sure they were all correct. The new graphic lines up perfectly with an existing wall; height and width are both fine.
EDIT: After some head-scratching, I got the walls to work correctly once I added them to the suppinfo.txt file.
I mentioned the suppinfo.txt file. I'll do my best to explain it here, although I'm at a loss for most of it.
int int int int int int int int int int int int int int int string
tileNumber top bottom adj_UN adj_LN adj_UE adj_LE adj_US adj_LS adj_UW adj_LW directSupports cango W cango N cango NWC Comment
You will see ./ and \ on the far left, that is the door in its closed position/wall alignment. It's just a visual reference when creating a new entry.
tileNumber is the itemID for that entry.
top - no clue
bottom - no clue
adj_UN - no clue
adj_LN - no clue
adj_UE - no clue
adj_LE - no clue
adj_US - no clue
adj_LS - no clue
adj_UW - no clue
adj_LW - no clue
directSupports - no clue
cango W - no clue
cango N - no clue
cango NWC - no clue
Comment - Just a reference field when looking at the text file.
Because I am unsure exactly what a bunch of these fields represents, I would recommend finding an existing wall/door that has the same number of styles and positions as the new one you're adding. Then you can easily just copy that entire entry and paste it to a new entry and just change the itemID (and possibly the comment if you wish) and you're done.
I know this seems very convoluted and I'm sorry for that. It was not exactly easy figuring out what I did manage to get, but if anyone would like to add custom walls to their shard, you can PM me for more info and I'll try to guide you through.
I have to say this is a nice change to see some one post the "how to" of adding custom items. So many just post the new graphics and will not create a thread of how to add these into the server.