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I've spend many hours trying to figure this out and I am out of ideas.

If I take an original map0LegacyMUL.uop file I can load CentrED just fine with format 0x18. If I take map0LegacyMUL.uop file and use MapMaker to convert it to mul or even that mul back to uop then Centred will not load. Ive tried all the formats that I have seen posted here or from CentrED site. Is Mapmakers converter not working correctly or am I missing something?

Also I have tinkered around testing UOLandscaper 1.4 and I cannot mine rocks on the map. What have I done wrong?
Some UOPs have extra block at the end and some converters can't handle it. Try using different uop to mul converter or stick to uop
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