Centred+ MultiAccount


Apr 26, 2020
here I am again to ask you another really appreciated help.

I am uploading in my server both servuo and centred+ so that me and my friends can play together and through Razor we were able to do that.
By the way now we have found an huge problem with centred, i didn't find topic that help with my issue.

We were able to start cedserver and nothing happened, .xml files didn't appear.
Then we forced the xml file and we were in the end able to run centred+ on the server.

Now the problem is with the client installed on our personal pc, in the sense that we would like to work contemporary then we all should edit the same folder on the server.

How can we cope with such a problem? How should be set our client (we put the ip of our server, but what we should set as folder that contains the required files)?

Thanks a lot.