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CerntrED+ Tilebrush 2019-10-06

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Feb 3, 2015
OUTLANDSOwyn submitted a new resource:

CerntrED+ Tilebrush - CentrED+ Tilebrush

The main barrier of entry to mapping is the terrain tilebrush. Outlands would like to see the community grow, not shrink. @m306 was generous enough to give me a tilebrush config, albeit broken and custom to his project

We have therefor provided our Tilebrush to UO mappers who would like to use default tiles and have the transitions "paintable."

Replace your current TilesBrush.xml and TilesGroup.xml in your LocalData folder with these files.

This tilebrush will work with a...
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We are hopeful this brings more mappers out of the woodwork. The tilebrush should have been included in the default installation, as placing terrain tiles by hand is painful. There are some bugs, but is't enough to get you rolling.

Have fun!
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