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Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Ok, was looking at something and trying to find where it's located or what file it is contained in, that I need to edit to get a better Character Status window that looks combines the status window and healthbar together??

Outlands server has what I'm looking for anyone over there willing to tell me what file and how they modified theirs. thanks

Thanks inadvance.
I believe that a client side modification is needed in order to change the status bar in such a way. You would need to extract the .mul from their .uop format, modify the art then pack it back into the .uop using a program like UOFiddler. Once that's done, make sure your server client files have the updated art and distribute those files to your players.

I'm not positive which files you need to modify exactly, however if you look up one of the custom desktop releases, they usually include a status bar gump and some include a tutorial of how to install that might point you in the right direction.

That being said, in order to display new information such as that of the health bar, I believe you also need to mess with the packets being sent and received so that your new status bar will use them.