Vita-Nex: Core
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Charity - Share unwanted items with those in need using a powerful and intuitive interface.

Charity is a Vita-Nex: Core Module that provides a safe and easy means for players to donate items that are accessible to everyone!

  • Full featured interface for interacting with the charity system.
    • Simple tree-like navigation structure.
    • Manage your charity donations.
    • Search for specific items by name.
    • Review your charity history.
    • Bulk actions for managing your inventory.
  • Charity Box that is used to open the Charity...

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Vita-Nex: Core
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Adds support for setting account age limits in settings;
This replaces the hard-coded young status check.
An account must be younger than the age limit to be able to interact with the system.

Fixes some UI layout issues.
Fixes issue that could cause uses/charges to be duped when withdrawing stackable tools.

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