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Check Duration 2021-01-08

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I managed to just self translate it. Also added it being used by [dur command >.>

public string HitPoint = "Unbreakable"; - Line 166
AddLabel(150, 11, 37, "Equipment Durability"); - Line 85

Theres a picture of what I translated it into, and the lines that I changed to show the text.


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Yeah, there a few stay Chinese characters in the script. I used google translate, and looked at the gump itself for context...

I changed what seemed to translate to "air" to just a dash - DragnMaw changed it to Unbreakable (I was looking for the infinity symbol). I chose 'Equipment Durability' as the gump title as well. Also, I had to change the display name on the tool itself.

Overall a very cool script.


There were only a few Chinese characters in the script. Looking at the gump for context, we changed them to English. Here is the script with the changes I made. Just the gump label, and a couple gump entries.


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