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Christmas Gift Box 1.01

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DragnMaw submitted a new resource:

Christmas Gift Box - Christmas

Modify the script to give out the rewards you would like (I left the ones for my server there to give examples).
[add ChristmasGift 1
Will create 1 Christmas Gift Box, that when opened gives the items from the file, to the players inventory, wishes them a Merry Christmas.

Sorry its a little close to Christmas for this, I completely forgot Christmas was in two days when I started writing this.

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Nice.. works on servuo57..
Had to scratch heritage sovereign.. no method..

Tried addtobank.. that crashed the server with missing method exception error..
Wonder if it could be loot.. hmmm.

Nice script for next year..


Heritage Sovereigns are something specific on our server. Its a physical form of the currency that can be used to add Sovereigns to bank. Tho on the bank side of things, I played around with the script a little further and found:

case 0: pm.DepositSovereigns(5); break;
case 1: pm.DepositSovereigns(5); break;
case 2: pm.DepositSovereigns(5); break;
case 3: pm.DepositSovereigns(5); break;
case 4: pm.DepositSovereigns(5); break;
case 5: pm.DepositSovereigns(10); break;
case 6: pm.DepositSovereigns(25); break;
case 7: pm.DepositSovereigns(50); break;
case 8: pm.DepositSovereigns(100); break;
case 9: pm.DepositSovereigns(250); break;

Works for deposit sovereigns, and

case 99: pm.BankBox.DropItem(new Gold(1000000));
pm.LocalOverheadMessage(MessageType.Regular, 0xFE, false, "*1 Million Coins added to your bank*");

Deposits gold into the bank automatically.