Starting a new world it seems harder than anticipated, I have been away for about a year with other commitments and have alot of free time to start developing new idea's and concepts into Uo.
First i need to develop a staff base and construction will go up pretty quick, I have yet not decided to dedicate the server as its far to much of a cost for now.
Server is being hosted in Perth, Australia.
If you have good designer skills and need no assistance in setting up pandoras box or knowing how to use it then please apply. I have lost so many hours with teaching people to use pandoras and how scripts work, all for nothing. Seems they just wanted to learn for there own reasons.

I have alot of idea's we could put into the server and would like your ideas also before any main development starts.
I was thinkin of having one main facet maybe even a small one and using other facets to make group hunting and dungeons.
Have it so no one can be harmed in citys and vendor stalls, but anywhere else is fair play.
Goodluck finding some people to help you Maddog.
Mythic has made starting a new shard rather difficult, unless you can find an older client to start with. The more changes they make, the more difficult it is to add anything custom, but I wish you the best of luck. :)