here there was an error in the lines: ServUO 58

44 AddResponse($"Didn't do anything ...");

62 CommandLogging.WriteLine(from, $"{from.AccessLevel} {CommandLogging.Format(from)} used command '{e.Command} {e.ArgString}' on: {targ} | had befor: {initialAmount}, took: {amount}, has after: {currentCount}");

64 AddResponse($"{(deposit ? "Deposited" : "Withdrew")} {amount} Sovereigns {(deposit ? "to" : "from")} {targ}, current amount = {acc.Sovereigns}");
And what errors did you have? Since especially line 44 doesnt look like it has any potential for an error (unless AddRespose was changed).
So it sounds like you are not running on a recent net / c# version
Yes, you are using net 4.7.1
The last Net Framework is 4.8

Are you sure you are using Pub 58?
apparently yes, I downloaded it from git available here on the forum

thank you, i will update and check