So going back to work on a old error i have had for sometime but never could figure it out. So Making a fresh attempt here to figure it out. Below is listed a Pic of the error i get, the .cs is including that is said to be causing such error. I have went front to back in it with VS , checking spelling, and proper format and yet do not see a issue. Perhaps i am looking at it wrong. Any insight to a new direction i should go? Input is always appreciated, yes even your Hank (j/k lol) Thanks for all you guys do.


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Rochaven said:
I don't see any error.
*pretends not to be hank*

If you're still talking about the Premium spawner Bad spawns stay on one thread please

Or you may have posted the wrong image..
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Long time error, just wondering if anyone, well everytime i see it i think Error lol. It doesnt hurt or prevent anything from being useable that i have found, just bugs me lol
Do you have the Shrink Conf xml file in your Data Folder?
Xantos Shrink and Utilities will go into the custom folder.
When you open your servuo folder you will see a Data folder, along with scripts folder, backup etc. Open the data folder to see if you added that in there :)
So it says Successful everytime i load now, is this right ? SHouldnt it just gave the message once, and not everytime i start the server?


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