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Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Adopt a Town

I have finished the Core of a new system I am working on and we are now working on Design
This is where you come in, with your help and love for UO
You can enter to win a spot for your Character in the Town you Adopt!

How to Enter

Send me a PM with the following!

(Map) Town Name you wish to Adopt, I'll reply informing you if it is taken already or not, this will prevent anyone wasting time!

Once you have your Town Adopted, log in game and design where all the npcs go!

Use 1642014456055.png to retrieve the x,y,z coordinates : Used for Home Location

Use the Coordinates to make a list,
in the following format (*Vendor Class ie: InnKeeper and Home = the x,y,z you retrieved)
*Guards/Actors etc etc are accepted, just no quest or special npcs besides your character!

(Format Example)
new InnKeeper() { Home = new Point3D(1494, 1615, 21) }

If you want to give a range of how far they can roam or not is up to you but default will be left at 10 for the system!
new InnKeeper() { Home = new Point3D(1494, 1615, 21) ,  RangeHome = #}

Then add your character design, info only, I'll do the coding,
name, sex, dress, a location in the town you adopted!

Your pretty much a winner if you take part, there are enough towns to go around!

*You might be asking why get these when xml has town spawn? and do they have to be OSI correct?*

1) This new system is nothing like XML Spawner and once released, it will make sense why I need these towns!
(Sorry for the somewhat cryptic answer, just trying to keep the project a surprise)

2) This system is not OSI Restricted, I believe we can do better,
hence this request for those wishing to make the towns the way they think they should be!