You can add your cheks in the hue selection,maybe about ,,Body,MaxHits,stats,or type,with an else at the end to get generic hue.

if (creature:
if (creature.MaxHits >= 300)
   Hue = YourHue;
//Example 2
if (creature is Slime)
   Hue = YourHue;
//Example 3>
if (creature.Body = 74)
   Hue = YourHue;
if (creature.HitsMax >= 300)
reward.Hue = 0x455;
if (creature.HitsMax <= 300)
reward.Hue = 0x53;

That's work ^^
One more question please :)

I make this for player's get message everytime when he kill a npc
if(kills <= 5)
killer.SendMessage(0x79, $"You'r kill {kills}\n{bc?.GetType().Name}");

And player got message but name of creature has AncienWyrm or WhiteDog

Ill try make message with
{creatureName} instead of {bc?.GetType().Name} but it's doesent work.
And one more thing.

The kill counter starts at 0 and when it reaches 5 it says that you killed 4 and gives you a reward. Although you need to kill 5
I use this in script to get names:

BaseCreature creatureInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(creature.GetType()) as BaseCreature;
if (creatureInstance != null)
string creatureName = creatureInstance.Name;
reward.Name = $"Hunter shroud of shadows\nCreature: {creatureName}\nI have killed a half thousand of them!";
If you adapt the code,do not forget to use the instance delete call.
Last question bro
by analogy with color so that for example the reward of the item depends on the robe?
Ill try it this but does't work
                if (creature.HitsMax >= 300)
                HoodedShroudOfShadows reward = new HoodedShroudOfShadows();
                if (creature.HitsMax <= 300)
                Robe reward = new Robe();
when used in conjunction with standard PVM ranking fixed .cs it seems to not keep record of the ranks, and using the multiple_creauture_kill_tracker_with_reward i cant seem to find to change how many kills before reward from 1 to 1000, maybe because the ranking system.
the ranking system with reward and this one creature kill system with rewards as ranking rewards (nice robes) but with the creature kill log to keep track of what creatures and how many have been killed. and keeps track of kills even after the month is over!
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