After a 6 year hiatus from UO customs...I've just about got it all re-figured out! I'll write up a tutorial once I get it all cleaned up, if needed.

What I've done thus far:
1. extracted .flc files and converted to .gif
2. .gifs to individual .bmps
3. re-sized and fixed background colors
4. took .bmps and made .uop (not newer UO .uops)
5. took .uop and put in verdata.mul (needed to extract)
6. loaded verdata.mul and anim in mulpatcher
7. extracted new animation to .vd
8. loaded .vd into my anim.mul
9. added patch to my custom path and in my UO folder
10. loaded server, changed body values..and have the two animations I worked with.

More to come later. :D

Pic of what I'm working on: (from
"What client version are you using?
Are you able to add new mounts as well?"

I am using client, due to the mount problem. Mounts are ~super~ easy to do (or is with this client) yes this one will be a mount.

"That dragon looks like a mount with a chair/seat on the back?"

Yup! This is a Sea Dragon/Sea Horse. The light blue color is because it is suppose to be a sea creature ~only~...which I may change later.

I downloaded this to test adding in new animations, plus I ~really~ like it. I have a few of my own animations (.bmp) that I never completed years ago...pegasus with flapping wings during flight, and folded while walking/resting (think harpy animation). The hiryu ~really~ irks me that the wings are stuck.

Off to work on it :D

**Side Note**
I do plan on figuring out what the issue is with adding custom mounts on clients higher than, once I get this client finished. Yeah, I'm stubborn like that. LOL
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Redmoon said:
I do plan on figuring out what the issue is with adding custom mounts on clients higher than, once I get this client finished. Yeah, I'm stubborn like that. LOL
There are still several tutorials floating around that work right up to 7.0.9, but anything after the tiledata change doesn't work. You can add the new mounts and everything and get them to appear in game even, but when you try to ride it, it disappears or if you used an existing mount script (like the horse) you can get it to use the itemID of a horse when mounted.
@tass[DOUBLEPOST=1380659513][/DOUBLEPOST]really??? why wasn't all that posted. :(

geez Moichido!

Yes, the tiledata was changed around (or so I've read), you could be right about the I did get ~some~ custom mounts to work in, but the nightmare gave me either a horse, riding air, or walking really fast (other mounts were fine like the ridable mephitis) . I quickly looked at the files, and from what I've seen the quality settings have changed. I will look into it at a later time. I truly believe EA has screwed up worse than OSI did back when they took our faces. :mad:
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A lil update:
I'm ~almost~ there...I scratched the sea dragon for the moment (I need to change colors). So I'm working on a ride able tiger instead (my sign :D). Here is what it looks like thus far, I have to remove some frames to make it all ~perfect~, and add the sounds. I think a midi of Dio's "Holy Diver" would be absolutely hilarious for the running sound!
You are correct about the quality settings being changed, but I think there is something even more sinister at work (plays ominous music)...
if you attempt to copy settings from an existing mount animation and corresponding tiledata image (with all the proper flags and quality settings, etc) you get the invisible mount. Ta da, yay, I am SO thrilled that I spent hour and hours working on this only to get excited to see my new animation loaded in game then have my hopes and dreams smashed to tiny bits against sharp, jagged rocks under the weight of a diabolical wave. Okay, so I'm being melodramatic, but the frustration level is only growing. The sinister thing I am talking about has to do with animation cells I believe. So for example lets say a riding animation has 5 cells for animation, but the one you just loaded has 7. I believe Mythic has set the flags in the Animation bin files so they cannot exceed a certain hex code. Until we can explore those bin files (and be able to edit them) I won't know for sure, but this was something you had mentioned before and I have since followed up with a few ex-animation experts and they tend to be in agreement. To further this theory, you can take ANY new mount animation and replace an existing one and it works 100% fine.
I'm not sure why Mythic has made things's not like they don't take and ~use~ our ideas. o_O

I had extracted the bins, but working with art/animations I had to delete them for the space. I do vaguely remember that there is a file that is needed to start up (can't remember which ATM)...but that file has the "hard code" in it.
Tiger animation is complete! I'll do a tutorial on how I did it soon. I still have to add the sounds in (looking for that Dio song for mine). I made this a low level creature, since finding high slots can be an issue. If you have a client lower than (or, you can also make this a custom mount.


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