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Dec 5, 2013
Ringgold, Georgia
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Ideas I have had for art + scripts


This would be super easy
Use the Aquarium system as a base
New gump for terrarium instead of water <art
New Terrarium instead of aquarium <art
New graphics for net like a butterfly net to catch things <art
Target landtiles instead of water
Meal worms or something else instead of vacation wafer <art
New critter cage instead of fish bowl <art
Instead of fish insects, reptiles, or other various critters
Mouse, Rat, Gerbil, Hamster
Praying Mantis
Lady Bug

New Rewards

2.Actual aquarium crafting

First need to mine sand, and glass blowing to make the glass panels <art
Carpentry to build the frames various types wood frames <art
Stonecraft to build various types of stone frames <art
Mining for gravel <art
Grow aquatic plants to add <art
Put all that together and add the water <art
Catch and add fish as normal
Then the animation begins of fish swimming <art animation
Aquarium health changes the color of the tank <Hued
Green needs cleaning
White for Ick needs curing
Maybe grey for dead needs to be cleared and restocked

3.Town Clock
Graphic for Clock Face
Graphic for Minute hand 60 frames or by 5s 10 frames
Graphic for Hour hand 12 frames
Possibly all this facing both directions
Then script to animate the time for either UO time or real world
I created all this before lost it when my external hard drive died. I can repeat this.

4.Air ship
This project has always been on my mind I have tinkered with it but, have yet to get the quality I am after.
Not sure flying ships everywhere would be practical. But, perhaps simply have a stationary ship facing one direction that works like an elevator to rise players up to a floating island. (boss battle)?
Using boat graphics removing the mast and attaching the balloon.

5.Alchemist table
Maybe a cauldron and bottle on a table then the regeant being used appears beside mortar and pestle. While making the potions the colors change to reflect what is being made. Bubbling sounds, grinding of the mortar ect....

I can provide graphics, installation, & application guidance if anyone wants to tackle the script aspect of these ideas. I would publish the graphics to the public for free, and you could publish the script that accompanies it.

Also I am more than happy to take on graphic projects for custom scripts under the condition that the combined finish project is made public and free. Static images only! This Excludes >Mobiles & Wearables
PM me. I love to bounce ideas around.
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