Custom wearable not showing up on character


Greetings and happy new year :)!

I've decided to delve back into UO. After clearing all the problems the new clients have brought with them regarding custom items, I've finally nearly done everything right.

Item is a wearable. It's a kimono.
UO Client:
ServUO: Publish 57.
GumpID: 50719 (0xC61F).
ArtID: 40740 (0x9F24).
Tiledata: 40740 (0x9F24). (Ticked off are: Wearable, Weapon; Quality is 17 (Tunics, Surcoat, etc.).
AnimID: 719 (Entered in the Tiledata entry)

As I wanted to use an animation that already exists, I added a line to Body.def: 719 {910} 0 (In which 910 is the AnimID of the original tunic animation)

When worn in game, the item shows up in the paperdoll and its tile icon shows up as it should. However, it shows as a weird white stuff on the character itself. It seems that the problem is somehow related to the animID? I still haven't created a working script for the item (as I'm rather rusty on that side), so I just modify a tunic's ItemID as 40740 using the props command.


Any pointers as to where the issue would be? I probably forgot something quite simple. Thank you in advance!
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No, he didn't forget. You're doing it right. Check the mobtypes.txt file. Position ID 719 is written for MONSTER. Try to write it also for EQUIPMENT. If that doesn't help, try to find another gump position ID and then overwrite it in the def points.