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Publish 57
Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Anyone have a script for a damageable wall? (pub57)
You should have it built in via:

You can set the ItemID's to whatever you want it to be. It's constructor can take ItemID's like:

DamageableItem(startID) //Starting ItemID only

DamageableItem(startID, halfID) //Starting and half destroyed ItemID

DamageableItem(startID, halfID, destroyID = -1) and finally Starting, Half, and Destroyed ItemID's

so for a wooden wall for starting ID it'd be:
[add DamageableItem 7

If you props it it has many options for how much damage it can take ect.....
Im trying to get an xmlspawner to spawn one every 10 minutes.

DamageableItem/ItemID/132/Hue/1105/Movable/False this doesnt work :/
Okay, so destructible walls! Done!

If anyone is curious how I did it. Next question. Is there a way to make an addon destructible? and make this stuff drop loot maybe?
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/ADD/1.0/<Granite> throws an error, needs to be a moblie or container.