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Data Base of UO Architect - over 1600 designs of .uoa Files

I cant take any credit for these files (maybe a handful). some of the files go all the way back to 2002. Some are from Here on Servuo and recent. There is some amazing art and I felt sense this is a good size data base of UO Architect files and collecting for 20 years, Be cool to pass it out. anyway thanks to all who made these and I hope your art lives on with servers. There are over designs files all .uoa here. Some might be dupes as it has a different name in a different language. Enjoy.

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np, sorry for the dupes. guess there where a few from different files but the same .aos. was just collecting dust on a old drive.
I now this is total a Nobb question but what folder do this go into?
the folder can be created with any name or what ever you like. Just go ahead and extract it as needed. then you can import the folder or files. the files have a .uoa file extension.


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