ServUO Version
Publish 57
Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey
Is there an item already in the game that upon double clicking it displays an affect.
Such as clicking a clock and it having Sparkles summoned on it momentarily?

I have attempted to get this working however the problem I have encountered is.
I can't figure out how to get it to display the effect.

I have double click and a sound plays correctly:

        public override void OnDoubleClick(Mobile from)
            if (!from.InRange(GetWorldLocation(), 2))
                from.SendLocalizedMessage(500446); // That is too far away.
            else from.PlaySound( 0x23B );

So whats the line for playing an Effect?

If an item is locked down it can play a sound:
      Effects.PlaySound(this.Location, this.Map, 676);
so in theory one should be able to push an effect like sparkles on the object if walked by also correct?
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