Dragon Won't Work?


I have the Dragon Master file with all the different versions and no matter which one I try to use it just throws errors?

Is there a specific way you are supposed to use the program? Is it just outdated and not usable?


GendR we would need more info on your problem. I personally have no idea what you mean by Dragon Master? Is it a script, a program? Are you running ServUO, RunUO, which publish? Can you post the errors from the console?


DragnMaw, Dragon as far as I know is a mapping tool. It's a rather old tool but I had it working last about a year ago.

It allows you to draw a bmp image of a map using a set of specific colors that denote terrain types and altitudes.

GendR, what errors are you getting from it? Which version are you using? Which bmp format are you trying to convert to or from?

I'll try to help out if you're still having issues best I can.

(If I'm wrong about what you mean by Dragon and it isn't the mapping tool, just disregard this foolish person's response.)