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Drow (Dark Elves) Gump Armor/Robes - 10+ unique Drow paperdoll images!

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This artwork was done by me, although not hand-drawn, as I don't have that talent. They were built off of various graphics and shapes online, not pixel-by-pixel so you may notice small pieces from other art- like the shoulder spikes, as an example, but I rehued and hand-colored all of these. Thereby, they are all original. I spent about 5 hours working on these graphics so please consider keeping my name intact when redistributing them.

The armor and robes are...

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Thanks guys. Once I got started with all of the layers in Photoshop it was a lot of fun coming up with the different versions. Next comes girly smexy armor. Lolz. The current gumps can be worn by both, but are actually a little bulky for the female paperdoll gump.

I'm thinking some black leather bondage style for the Drow as well. Just seems to fit with the personalities I have in my head I guess....wonder what I can do to keep the spiky shoulders and spider theme then tho. Any ideas?

Oh, I wanted to add that these have not been tested in game yet so there may be pixel holes. The easiest way to fix them would be to screenshot the "holy armor" (haha) in UOFiddler and just overwrite your graphics to
fix the holes. (If someone knows how to limit my Photoshop color palette from ever using the "bad" colors, I'm all ears.)

Thanks for the feedback tho, it makes me smile and want to make more. ;)
Those look great Safera thanks for sharing your hard work here :)
Something to consider with the female armor to keep the spikes
Maybe a 2 piece set sort of a bustier for the top with the spikes coming off the top of the bustier
and sort of each side (spikes) pointing a bit side ways towards the shoulder.
Then maybe you could add some spikes to the pants/skirt or what ever you decide to use for
the bottom of the set, just an idea :)
I have just finished adding a heap of custom graphics and some animated ones too, hope wearables isn't that much harder !