ServUO Version
Publish 57
Ultima Expansion
Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
Hi all. I am brand new to servuo, and I am in the process of making a "no trammel" Renaissance era server. This morning, I was testing some features with boats, and I ran into an issue. If I am on the boat, all of the regular commands work fine, including the pilot features. However, if I am off of the boat and double click the tiller man to dry dock, I receive the message "You cannot pilot a ship unless you are aboard it!" This message is received even with the key in my pack and the anchor dropped.

It appears that for some reason, the boat thinks that I am still trying to pilot it, not dry dock it. I was looking around for a solution in BaseBoat.cs and TillerMan.cs, but I have no idea where to start really. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!




It looks like the handling for this was removed in later expansions post-AOS and dry-docking is done through the context menu instead.
Unless you enable context menus for your targeted LBR expansion, you'll have to modify the code to re-implement dry-docking the old way.

This can be achieved by calling BeginDryDock(from) as such:
Thank you for your prompt response. I will look into this. Do you by chance know of any easy way to just wipe out all of the high seas content entirely? I am trying to replace the Boating .cs files with those I found on this thread so that I can use the old dry docking system with the harbor master, but it is throwing a lot of errors related to High Seas content, such as galleons.